Nautilus Chemicals is partnered with leading producers, being the exclusive distributor of their products in Southern Africa.


Donau  Carbon    GmbH


Donau Carbon is a leading manufacturer of Activated Carbon with a company history of more than 100 years. Their Activated Carbon portfolio comprises a wide spectrum of powdered, granular and extruded activated carbon grades manufactured from raw materials like coal, lignite, coconut shell and wood by all the customary activation processes. This enables us to serve the most diverse needs of our customers, using Activated Carbon for odour control, natural gas treatment, solvent recovery, waste water treatment, in food & beverages industry and many other applications.


Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH & Co. KGaA 


Dr. Paul Lohmann® is a leading manufacturer and developer of mineral salts based in Emmerthal in Lower Saxony, Germany. The company was launched in 1886 when chemist Dr. Paul Lohmann began reducing iron oxide to elemental iron. Today, this company boasts a range of over 400 different salts in a total of 7000 different specifications. Dr. Paul Lohmann® supplies its specialty salts to customers around the globe in the field of food, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and synergized under the Lohtragon® brand – industrial applications. They have a consistent focus on customers, high-purity product grades, the ability to innovate, and a special trust-based relationship with long-standing customers. Their research departments are constantly developing new areas of application for mineral salts. Their two production sites (both in Germany) are GMP, DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and FDA approved. 


AIDP Inc. 


AIDP Inc. is a leader in functional ingredients with a focus on extensively researched products. Since 1996 we have provided cutting-edge ingredients that meet consumer demand for wellness and healthy aging. AIDP identifies trends early, provides unique solutions, and works with customers to formulate strong market potential end products. Their team of quality experts ensure regulatory compliance. Their Quality Control department includes both an in-house QC and an Applications Lab. NSF Certified, FSMA and SIDI compliant and GMP approved.




SECNA Group is a world leader in natural food colour, with over 50 years experience. Their products cover Anthocyanin, Concentrated Must, Grape Juice and Caramel. Secna offers the highest quality products at competitive prices. They produce excellent quality tailor-made products to ensure total customer satisfaction. This is achieved by controlling the production process from end to end. Secna complies with the main certifications required by the industry.


Fermentis is an agile and expanding company, dedicated to fermented beverages industries. It is a business unit of Lesaffre Group, global key player in yeast and all its applications for over 160 years. Their active dry yeasts and yeast derivatives cover almost all professional requirements, from safeguarding production to expressing sensory characteristics. The product portfolio includes Active Dry Yeast, Fermentation Aids and Functional Products.


Chaumat Chimie


Chaumat Chimie, a family owned company since 1926, specialize in the manufacture of food additives, bleaching agents and oenological products,  mainly derived from Sulphur. Their Sulphur derivatives are mainly used in the Wine Industry, but also in the Food, Tannery, Pulp and Paper, Water Treatment, Printing and Metal Treatment Industries.


Founded in 2003, Fytexia’s mission is to reduce risk factors for non-communicable diseases by offering innovative nutritional supplements. They are developed through science-based research and development. Fytexia’s team of experts and its global network of researchers deliver functional ingredients, developed through the application of stringent scientific principles and practices. Fytexia’s work ranges from the development of active compounds to the creation of clinically tested ingredients.

The ingredients developed by Fytexia are used in the formulas of the most advanced healthcare products, improving the health and well-being of consumers worldwide. Fytexia’s product range, centered on polyphenol extracts and novel fibers, answers the increasing demand from dietary supplement formulators for natural, characterized, and proven safe ingredients supported with proof of efficacy, including clinical study. The panel of solutions newly offered by Nautilus Chemicals covers the needs of cutting-edge solutions for body composition and metabolism, nutrient supplementation, and quality of life 

Bergstrom Nutrition 

As pioneers in the manufacturing of MSM for Human and Animal Nutrition, Bergstrom Nutrition has earned a reputation for producing the safest, purest MSM in the world. With a 30+ year manufacturing history, they provide our clients a direct link to technical expertise and a superior product that is safe, fully traceable, always consistent and backed by research. OptiMSM® has set the quality standard for MSM in Dietary Supplements. Research on OptiMSM indicates multiple benefits for supporting healthy and active lifestyles.